The place to which we invite you has somewhat a rural settings and is situated by the shore of postglacial Rajgrodzkie Lake, which waters are the highest purity class. There is a border of Masuria and Podlasie region.

Woods, orchards, meadows, hills, bustling with life swamps full of wild birds and animals make this corner one of the most attractive places in Poland. The region attractions include The Biebrza National Park with its unique boggy peatland complex called Czerwone Bagno (Red Swamp) and Czapliniec Reservation created to protect  the breeding colony of gray heron.

What  is  worth seeing in Rajgród ? There is a very specific triangular Market Square, the parish Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary built in neo-gothic style, the wooden roadside shrine dating back to the mid- 19th century, a cemetery chapel, a mill in Wojdy and the parish Church of St. Wojciech where the historical organs are located. Undoubtedly , a very interesting object is a Castle Mountain, the place situated in the oldest part of the town on Rajgrodzkie Lake peninsula. There used to be a monumental  Yotvingians’ hillfort, after that there was a prince’s castle and since 1571 until the end of 18th century the manor house of the head of local commune. Now from the top of the 15 meters high hill you can admire panorama of the town and its surroundings .

If you want to explore further, there are some worth seeing  interesting places. It can be a nice surprise to see a somehow mountain landscape if you go north. There are the monumental memories of industrial revolution and breathtaking objects –Stanczyki bridges.

Nearby slightly to the east , you can admire a spectacular and completely natural boulders in Bachanowo and the deapest lake in Poland – Hańcza.

You can also go skiing in the downhill resorts located on the beautiful mountain in Gołdap which is also the highest point in the Masuria region.

The famous all over Poland Dowspuda river is an ideal place for those interested in kayaking as it offers fantastic views of wild life and quite long water route via lakes, artificial channels and small rivers.  You can start your cruise in Augustów Harbor  using a kayak or travel by ship.

 Military objects lovers will find numerous  German border fortifications, between them Osowiec Fortress to explore within easy reach.

Your very intensive day we recommend to finish in Ełk, a beautiful town which is also called the capital of Masurian cuisine.